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Seattle by Brian Hamner

fx charts The year is 2070. In a world dominated by megacorporations, where money is the key to power, you must find your place and pick your battles. Will you work for the corporations, brokering underhanded deals and conducting heated negotiations by the light of day, or will you clandestinely further their causes through sabotage, murder, and destruction? Will you align yourself with one corporation, working towards its survival and success over its competitors, or with none in particular, taking the best offers and letting them cut each other's throats?

Team up with fellow players or take them all on yourself in the Shadowrun universe. In Shadowrun: Awakened, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), your survival is your responsibility. With corporations at war, the profits are ripe for the taking, and anyone will stand in your way for the right price.


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Office Tower 4

Office Tower 4

Concept Arena Bowl Stadium

Concept Arena Bowl Stadium

Satellite-Assisted Terrain

Satellite-Assisted Terrain

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14th February 2011
Installer on the FTP

binary trading For long-time members who've always said "first time you get something, I wanna try it!", now is your chance.  We have our very first installer showing off our very, very initial features.  It can be found on our FTP server.  The info for that is on the boards.  I would consider knowing how to connect to the FTP a fitting prerequisite for the reward of trying the alpha build, so don't expect to just tell you!

3rd June 2010
Record Recruitment

In the month of May, 77 people signed up for the forums.  This is a new record, by a rather wide margin.  Hopefully, this means the wold is starting to see progress.  Otherwise, perhaps we're on the eve of a new record for spam posts.

13th May 2010

This weekend we passed 600 members on the boards!  Welcome aboard all new SINners out there.  March and April were both huge months for board membership (132 member!), so we blew past 500 without barely noticing.  Makes me wonder if we should be preparing some sort of death metal-themed contest for our 666th member... option trading platform

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