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The second milestone for Shadowrun Awakened, is to create a prototype for multiplayer gameplay, focusing on integration with outside technologies and standing up a working server.

Requirements for Alpha

The fundamental goal for the Alpha release is to stand up a server backed by a database, featuring expanded game mechanics. This would allow for persistent characters, piloted by cooperating and competing players.

Assets Requirements for Alpha

  • 1 Large Scene, the "Arena"
  • Weapons for 1.0
  • Items for 1.0

Shadowrun: Arena Brawl

The "Alpha" version of Shadowrun: Awakened will be a small, team-oriented capture-the-flag-like game. Its rules will be based on the Shadowrun Urban Brawl Rules.

Specific requirements for the rules, in addition to the features stated above, will be developed after the completion of our previous milestone.