Players in Shadowrun: Awakened have many different groups they may choose to align themselves with or against. The instability of society has created opportunities for power and wealth that attract all sorts of people, especially those of questionable character.


Aztechnology One of the ten most powerful corporations on the planet, and in their own mind the most powerful, Aztechnology is an entity as brutal as it is powerful. While the daily PR would have the public believing in their benevolence, in the shadows they are known as butchers at best. The history of the company differs greatly from their public facade. Evolved from a cartel of drug lords and the failing Mexican government the company changed the face of the map by merging the two separate groups together under one umbrella. The country changed its name to Aztlan and the corporation was born. As a corporate state and one of the ten AAA rated corps they have the additional power of being extraterritorial. Which in layman's terms means they are a country unto themselves. With their own army, their own laws and their own way of doing things.

Seattle is the coordination hub for Aztechnology's North American activities - and that's a lot of activities, from consumer goods distribution and electronics manufacturing to weapon sales and magical research. With their fingers in everything from snack foods to military hardware their brand is found on things people depend on in their daily lives. This makes them a valuable target for shadowrunners. The word in the shadows is that more than one runner that crossed the corp ended up coming to a nasty, bloody end. However, their long running history of macabre and horrific activities makes information about this corporations inner workings a hot commodity in the black market.

Aztechnology Seattle is protected by a full battalion of their celebrated Leopard Guards. Modeled on an ancient Aztec warrior order, these elite troops are predominantly Awakened or heavily cybered. Rumor is, the guards hold weekly religious observances within the pyramid, featuring blood drinking and sacrifice. Their obsidian bayonets are said to have been christened in the blood of an enemy during their initiation into manhood.
Horizon Group
Horizon A Los Angeles (Annexed by the Pueblo Corporate Council in 2061) - based media corporation new to the AAA scene in the 2060s that used the second Matrix crash to make its move. While Horizon is best known for its presence in all aspects of advertising, marketing, and entertainment, it also has subsidiaries in consumer goods and services, real estate and development, and pharmaceuticals. Subsidiaries include New Line, Polyaural, and Hisato-Turner.

It has been said that the power to control public opinion is the true power in the world. If that is true than Horizon is well on its way to having the only opinion that matters. Based in the water bound city of Los Angeles (Annexed by the Pueblo Corporate Council in 2061) -- it is helmed by a charismatic ex-sim star. As the face of the company he has worked to build a different kind of company. With no real hierarchy they instead rely on a system of cooperative coordination that allows for greater flexibility and creativity within the company. By controlling most everything that generates public opinion from social networking to viral marketing they wield great influence over both the corporate world and the shadows beneath. While Horizon is best known for its presence in all aspects of advertising, marketing, and entertainment, it also has subsidiaries in consumer goods and services, real estate and development, and pharmaceuticals. Subsidiaries include New Line, Polyaural, and Hisato-Turner.
Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Mitsuhama Computer Technologies or MCT, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, is the fourth largest corporation in the world, and the second largest Japanese corporation. While the company's primary focus is computers and robotics, they also possess extensive holdings in heavy industry, multimedia, industrial chemicals, and thaumaturgy. Their mystic goods and services divisions are second only to Aztechnology, although due to recent events they are now also in heavy competition with Wuxing, the company the dragon Dunkelzahn bequeathed a substantial amount of nuyen to, as well as a few powerful artifacts, upon his death. Currently, the two corps are locked in a power struggle over the distribution rights to Seattle's various ore shops, university departments, and magic groups. Once the industry's leading provider of trideo and simsense products it is now locked in heavy competition with the newest member of the Corporate Court, Horizons.
NeoNet The disputed leader in computer hardware and design, NeoNet is based in Boston, Massachusetts in the UCAS. The company in its current incarnation is responsible for the wireless network that is the modern Matrix. It has expanded its influence beyond the Matrix infrastructure to include cyberware, electronics, software, biotech, aerospace, and small arms. As the company continues to grow so do its interests around the globe. Whether setting up an Indonesian wireless grid, providing military software solutions to the Philippines, or establishing a new chain of cyberclinics in Russia, the company excels. Led by the Villiers family, a very capable and cunning group with possible links in the UCAS government, the company has survived in different incarnations where other companies would have been destroyed.

Crime Syndicates

Yakuza An ancient society spawned from feudal Japan the Yakuza is known as many the honorable syndicate. Their long-standing history and culture have allowed them to adapt to the changing times. From the early days they knew that the power to make the money lay in the extortion of the boardroom and not the small business owners. Their use of real estate, gambling, and smuggling were well established before magic made its way back into the world. While their business practices are no more or less brutal or unethical than those demonstrated by various megacorporations, their sense of honor sets them apart in some respects. Their traditions have remained inviolate for centuries and their adherence to those guiding principles gives them strength and resolve. The Yakuza clans of Seattle claim membership in the Shotozumi-rengo, the most powerful 'rengo' in the Americas.

The Shotozumi-gumi is led by Oyabun Hanzo Shotozumi is one of the more conservative clans, maintaining traditions and following rites or ceremonies others have forgotten. It provides protection to residents in the Downtown and Tacoma districts.

The Shigeda-gumi run by Oyabun Takeo Shigeda is less conservative but requires more of its members in order to protect its smuggling routes and gambling operations in Everett, Snohomish, Auburn, and the Redmond Barrens districts of Seattle.

Oyabun Kosuke Tomizawa leads the Kenran-kai, a newer clan that operates community services in Puyallup and also has the skills to take on the Mafia directly.
Mafia Since its early days in the old country, Italy, the Mafia has been a major player for power and money. The little family-oriented business from the halls of time has moved through many levels of power though out its lifespan. Many times the long arm of Johnny Law tried to snuff them out entirely. Now Johnny Law is gone, replaced by Lone Star, which doesn't mess with the mob unless the mob gets in its way. In the world of the shadows, the Mafia almost seems legit. Bringing its long traditions of loyalty, vengeance, and organization to the dark underbelly of the world has left them stronger than ever. Gambling, prostitution, black market trade in drugs, BTL, and cyberware have the nuyen flowing into their coffers like never before. That is not to say the new order in the world is not without its barriers to free trade and enterprise. The Yakuza, Triads, and even gangs like the Ancients and the Halloweeners try to muscle in wherever they can. A moment's weakness can get you dead. So the mob is hard and fast with its response to anyone that crosses them. Be sure you don't get caught with your hand in the cookie jar or they will cut it right off. Wherever there has been a human desire for power, lust, or merry making, the Mafia has been around to help facilitate the transaction.

The Finnigan family is now run by Capa Rowena O'Malley after the assassination of Capo Maurice "The Butcher" Bigio. She provides the greatest possibility to reunite the Mafia against its Yakuza competitors. The Finnigans operate mainly in the Downtown dock area and in Bellevue.

The Ciarnello family works in corporate finance, prostitution, and pornography within Snohomish and Everett with Don Vince "Numbers" Ciarnello at the helm.

The Gianelli family took on the Bigio family after Maurice Bigio's death and added the members to its already-small ranks in order to further its hijacking, smuggling, loan-sharking, and fencing in the Seattle districts of Tacoma, Puyallup, and Auburn.


Salish The biggest and most influential tribe in the Salish-Shidhe Council, they hold large areas to the west and south of Puget sound. Seattle's southern districts, mainly Puyallup, border with Salish territory. The Salish major cities are Aberdeen and Olympia.

The Salish are technologically advanced, though they still retain their ecological roots. They own Gaeatronics, an eco-friendly energy corp, whose main asset is the Olympia fusion power plant, which powers most of Seattle, Tir Tairngire, and California.

Their current leader is Chief Harold Gray Bear.
Sinsearach Another major tribe on the Salish-Shinde Council led by Gillian Morningsong. Formed in 2029, it consists mostly of elves who value environmental protection. Their land includes Mt. Rainier and areas southwest of Seattle.


The Ancients
Ancients The Ancients are an all-elf-go-gang and one of the largest in Seattle. They have chapters all over North America -- make that the world -- but the Seattle chapter has been infused with numerous exiles from Tir Tairngire. Their symbol is modified anarchy symbol (circled "A") usually in red or green. They control smuggling from Salem and Portland into Seattle, as well as running protection rackets and other small-time operations. The colorful Sting and Green Lucifer continue to run the pack, even showing up their underlings in the occasional drag race or game of freeway tag.
Halloweeners Still one of the largest of the Downtown gangs, the psychotic Halloweeners have experienced a bit of a shift in priorities over the past few years. With the death of their charismatic (and pyromaniac) leader Slash-and-Burn and his associated hatred of all things corporate, the rest of the gang went through a bloody period of infighting until they identified a new leader: a person (nobody's sure if it's male or female) who calls itself Nightmare. After the dust settled, they still focused on tweaking the corps any way they can, mostly with vandalism and mayhem, but now they've branched out to include making life miserable for just about anyone that crosses their path. They make most of their money by dealing BTLs (specializing in those involving violence or horror, particularly snuffs).