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I would suspect a division in the usage of commlinks. AR or augmented reality requires some sort of heads up display to be used. This can be as simple as a pair of nice looking shades or as complex as cybereyes with a wide variety of thing in between. If a player does not have access to one of these methods then he or she would likely have to use a screen built into the commlink (which I don't believe all of them have one) or plug into an external monitor.  AR shades are fairly cheap and you could easily say all commlinks come with a pair.  Now lets move on to Full submersion. This I believe is where the hacker jacks into his commlink and goes into another system. I am not up on hackers/deckers as much because they have never interested me but in SR3 this would cause their body to go li,p and I think full sub is the same. I'm not sure where I was going with this but I hope it helped in some way lol.
Development Logs / Re: Noah
« Last post by Noah on 19 October 2011, 09:55:32 »
Well all script types derive from ScriptPropertyBase class first of all. Function calls received on an object have the signature:
Code: [Select]
function ScriptPropertyBase ScriptCall(string propertyName, ListScriptProperty Params) {}
The macros basically setup a series of if clauses to handle various propertyName values, and then throw an exception if an unhandled property name was given. In addition, if none of the valid propertyName's return a value, it will return the value None by default. A function handler for a scriptable function InFaction(string factionName) would look like this, if there were no other scriptable properties:

Code: [Select]
function ScriptPropertyBase InFaction_Params(ListScriptProperty params)
local StringScriptProperty strProp;

if (`IsNone(params) || params.Size() != 1) //If params didn't contain 1 item return exception
return `NewException("ValueError: infaction() requires 1 str argument");

strProp = StringScriptProperty(params.GetIndex(0)); //Get value at index 0 and cast to string

if (strProp == None) //If the first parameter wasn't a string return exception
return `NewException("TypeError: infaction() expected str faction argument");

//Return a new bool value based on the result of function call, using the actual string value of strProp
return `NewBool( `SraGame.IsInFaction(uniqueID,  strProp.PropValue) );

`ReturnFuncInfo(InFaction) //This returns the information that InFaction is a callable function to the python script


`DoFuncCall(InFaction, return InFaction_Params(params); ) //This handles "inFaction" by returning the result of the real InFaction_Params() method

There are alternate EndSetter and EndGetter macros if they should call on the base class for more properties called EndSetterSuper and EndGetterSuper. The PropValue variable exists on most non-collection types to get the native type out of the object. So with int, float, string and bool you can use it. Arrays in python are called lists and can contain differing types of elements, so each element must be retrieved and inspected individually if you are trying to fill an array in UnrealScript from a python list. I hope this will get you started. Let me know of any questions you have.


One thing that the combat AI could use is trying to make use of cover. It may be difficult to have them do organically so we could entities in levels which give clues to the AI that a certain spot would be good cover. Cover was regarded as being an important aspect of combat, so I believe that would be good to try to get working to some degree. I can create some cover marker classes, if you want to concentrate on the AI side.
Development Logs / Re: Dooley
« Last post by Sean on 18 October 2011, 21:30:39 »
nice grafitti.
Development Logs / Re: Tharbas
« Last post by Sean on 18 October 2011, 21:29:30 »
Agreed.  It gives to a minimum that memory/CPU that is needed.  This doesn't account for overhead for the networking component.
Development Logs / Re: Noah
« Last post by Mike on 18 October 2011, 17:59:39 »
excellent - I started working on some functions to tie patrol commands back to scripting - what do the functions need to accept as paramater types from python...

mostly I am working with the baseline aggression, professionalism, and patrol point vectors...

also - what kinds of other actions do you want NPCs to do - I can start working up some states for that - such as magic support, Healing, Flee, cover me...

point me in the direction of what we'll need - and I'll start kicking away at it.

-Mike R.
Development Logs / Re: Noah
« Last post by Noah on 18 October 2011, 17:54:15 »
I'm going to do a push for making all the new features scriptable and getting more into the mission scripting we may need for the demo. I've just added code to pull up squad commands when Z is pressed. Currently they don't work because of a minor python related bug.

I'm going scripted on this because mission circumstances should be able to change the commands available. For example, if you are on a mission with a magician who you need to perform some special task, this could be a dynamic option in your squad command display, and selecting that command will go and run a script that does that custom action.

Right now the python script is just calling on the Npc you have targeted and giving them one of the standard orders, Stay, Follow, Mingle and Patrol, though.
Development Logs / Re: Morris Devlog
« Last post by Dan on 18 October 2011, 17:50:52 »
Here are two pictures showing the attachment problem.  I looked at the model in the unreal editor and the weaponpoint socket looks like its the right hand of the model.   But if you look at the first picture the weapon looks like its behind the model.  In addition as you move the mouse look around the position of the weapon changes with the mouse.  So you can see in the second picture looking at the model from above the weapon looks like its above the model.

Development Logs / Re: Mike - Dev Log
« Last post by Mike on 18 October 2011, 09:30:31 »
Ahhhh - I see - I had not understood that before... Alright, then I'll make it python scriptable :)

the only changes I made to the MatrixOS class was too add a NodeName.  everything else I added to the Commlink class.

Development Logs / Re: Dooley
« Last post by Dooley on 18 October 2011, 04:17:04 »
Oh  yeah, not sure if I posted these.
Some more exterior of Dantes.
Development Logs / Re: Dooley
« Last post by Dooley on 18 October 2011, 04:16:18 »
There are not enough hours in the day for all the modeling, importing, and such that one must do in my position.
Modeled some more random bits as needed, like fences, glass, etc.  Imported some more buildings, and started the layout for the Ares exterior, starting at the front gate.
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