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Version 1.0

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The project's current goal is to reach the 1.0 milestone. At 1.0, we have a complete game of decent quality that is the core product and is ready to go live with a 24 hour a day server.

Realistically, version 1.0 is a far off goal, most open source projects take years to produce their 1.0, but it is the fundamental milestones for this project. Once we have 1.0, we have every quintessential element of a Shadowrun MMO in a quality and well-balanced presentation.


Requirements for 1.0

Client, Server, and Game Mechanics

  • All 1.0 requirements implemented

Assets Requirements for 1.0

  • Various, potentially customizable, character models for player characters
  • Numerous character models for non-player characters
  • 3 Storyline, including Beta's, with complete assets (writing, character, levels, scripting, etc)
  • All of Seattle Downtown area built and explorable
  • Numerous open play activities

Life After 1.0?

After 1.0, we can begin to entertain large, dynamic world ideas, add more storytelling elements, etc. Basically, with a rock solid and comprehensive foundation, the game can develop beyond 1.0 into a mature product that is completely scalable and infinitely playable.