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Shadowrun Awakened is an ambitious, con-commercial open source videogame MMORPG project entirely run by volunteers. Do you have a passion for Shadowrun? Do you enjoy the cyberpunk genre? Do you want to get your start in the game industry? We are always looking for new additions to our team. Be it writers, artists, designers, programmers, or all of the above. Join the team, and be part of this project from the ground up!

Art Developers


The content of a game, also called "Assets", include the 3D models & textures, concept art, music, and sound of the game. They populate the platform built by the technology team. Artists are particular apt to fill many roles, which include:

  • Animators - Turn a 3D model into a living digital creature through movement
  • Concept Artists - Create visual representations for characters, vehicles, cityscapes, and weapons to inspire the community and guide the 3D artists
  • Level Designers - Utilizing the tools available to the project, design and assemble zones to create the game world
  • Modelers - Bring our 2D concepts to 3D glory in Blender, or your favorite .FBX-capable modeling tool
  • Musicians - Compose the soundtrack of the shadows or in-universe songs that represent the anthems of the underprivileged
  • Sound Designer - Fill the ears of the players with the sounds of the streets
  • Texture Artists - Turn flat 3D models into detailed realistic objects by illustrating their surfaces
  • Writers - Write mission content, game narrative, character dialogue, and website text. Don't like how this help wanted ad is written? Then help us make it better!

Do you feel you qualify for one or more of these positions? Then we want to hear from you! Send us a small sample of your work to our Assets Team and check out our Tutorials to learn how to get started.

Technology Developers


The Shadowrun Awakened software team is focused on creating a robust canvas for our game world. We work on client, server, and their supporting tools. We are also a learning-centric group where everyone is ready to discover something new. The engine utilizies the Unreal Development Kit, which harnesses the power of the Unreal Engine 3. Custom software, primarily in C++, then glues together various features not incorporated into the engine. Experts in the following areas, or those wishing to become experts, are desired:

  • C++ Developer - Build custom parts of the client and server, including the entire World Server, which glues together the game world
  • C# Developer - Create supporting tools in C# to capitalize on its comparable simplicity
  • Flash Developer - The Unreal Development Kit integrates with the the Flash-based Scaleform UI library, enabling flash developers to build the user interface within a 3D scene
  • SQL Developer - Enable persistence to the game world by integrating game logic with our MySQL database
  • UnrealScript Developer - Implement the Game mechanics in Unreal's custom scripting language

Dividing work by specific technology is just one way to look at it. We need experts in user-interface/user experience design, AI programming, and client-server architectures to realize the full potential of our technology. Fostering a cross-discipline attitude is also encouraged. To get started programming, send an e-mail to the Software Team and check out our Tutorials to learn how to get started.