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World Server

From Shadowrun: Awakened

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The World Server in Shadowrun Awakened is the Game Application responsible for connecting and persisting the game world. It is a custom piece of software that must communicate with components using the UDK, but will not use the UDK for any of its own components.

World Server Concept

The world server acts as the gateway into the game world and provides minimal coordination between Zones. The specific duties of the World Server include:

  • Handling incoming connections for player joining the world. EG: Someone who has just started the program and clicks "Connect" will actually be joining the World Server first.
  • Initial creation of player characters after generation on the client-side. This include instantiating all initial data and saving it to the database.
  • Player-level communication not provided on the zone level, potentially including possible "friend" features when not in a zone.