Game World



This is a world still reeling from significant devastation to its people and infrastructure. A terrible disease known as Virally Induced Toxic Allergy Syndrome (VITAS) has broken out twice in the past, 2010 and 2022, killing over 35 percent of the population. In panic and desperation, entire cities were burned to the ground to contain the pandemic, drastically changing the landscape of the world by removing the remnants of the past. If all that was not enough, the technological lifeblood of society took a hit seven years later in 2029, when a major computer virus infected the world's computer network. Known as the Matrix, it allowed instantaneous communications and efficient operations.

These events created the opportunity for rebirth and redevelopment, but world governments crumbled under the pressure. All kinds of groups rushed in to fill the void and those with the largest bank accounts and most manpower inevitably gained the most control over others. The one thing all these people had in common was their unscrupulous nature, willing to do anything to gain yet more wealth and power. A new profession emerged, with shadowrunners doing the dirty work if the compensation was right.


Gang Member

As a shadowrunner, you must decide who offers you the best chance for survival in an uncaring world where trust is an antiquated notion only a fool would believe in. Corporations, now as powerful as entire nations themselves, fight each other in a battle for profit that takes the phrase "cutthroat competition" literally. Crime syndicates take advantage of the lack of serious law enforcement to offer "protection" and other unsavory services in a quest for power and control. Street gangs vie for territory and dominance in a war of attrition and local tribes, each united in its members' delusions of grandeur, try to wipe each other off the face of the map.

Complete jobs for any of these competing factions and move up within the ranks, making a name for yourself. The more powerful you become, however, the more what you do will step on the toes of others. The local tribe will have something to say about you eliminating the city bureaucrats blocking your corporation's goal of tearing down its forest for development. Improving your gang's finances through drug trade may get a hit taken out on you by the crime syndicate already dealing in your territory. Keep in mind that as you improve your reputation with one group, others will come to despise you. What good will that promotion be if you can't stay alive long enough to enjoy it?

Astral Space & Magic

Astral Space

There's more to the world of Shadowrun: Awakened than meets the eye. A parallel world, Astral Space, exists in which life forces and emotional energy meet to provide a distinctive viewpoint from which to observe reality. Peer into this plane and gain advantages by assessing people's moods, health, and innate statistics. Develop a deep enough bond and actually leave your physical body behind, projecting yourself into the world and interacting with the spiritual inhabitants while flying through walls and over obstacles.

Tap into the magical threads of the Astral plane and harness the power of magic to defend yourself and harm your enemies. Summon spirits to your side, learn and cast the spells of your choice, create artifacts with breathtaking effects, jump over walls with ease, and watch as bullet wounds heal before your eyes. Perform a magic show for your enemies that will leave them dying for more!

The Matrix & Hacking


Every electronic device is hooked up to a worldwide network known as the Matrix, allowing those who can interface with it access to a wealth of data. Use the network to provide you with more information about the world around you through Augmented Reality devices or go so far as to "jack in" and cause your mind to become a part of the Matrix itself.

Hack into systems and steal a mafia boss's money, ruin some punk's credit rating, and even blackmail a corporation using the virus you planted in their mainframes. You'll have to watch out for security measures employed by your adversaries that will attempt to thwart you at every turn. Beware of enemy hackers who will try to trace you and send their goons to disconnect you permanently. The last thing you want to do is to get caught; you might just find that the risks outweigh the rewards.


Car Explosion

Open up the possibilities with the use of a vehicle, purchased or stolen. A good driver will do wonders for dodging through traffic, finding alternate escape routes, and using speed to put space between you and your pursuers. Your car's performance and handling will be crucial factors to consider as well, both to pull ahead of the pack and to withstand the beating from other drivers who won't hesitate to engage in a bit of "contact sports".

Use a vehicle to escape a botched mission, haul your equipment, and protect yourself against rivals who will shoot at you from and ram you with their cars. Travel farther, move quicker, and carry more in a transport than on your own. Alternatively, use a vehicle to participate in underground racing and earn a bit of extra cash on the side. While cheating isn't expressly prohibited in these races and is often needed to win, engaging in it may cause you to come back to a burning pile of scrap a few days later after a night on the town...



Engage in combat unlike any other MMO, with a realistic reproduction of the strategy and skill needed in Shadowrun combat. Standing in a circle around your opponent and merely queuing up the same action over and over will be certain suicide. With many weapons having ranged capabilities, you'll need to scout out your surroundings before beginning a fight, take cover between attacks, and quickly alter your strategies based on your enemy's actions. Stay on your toes since you're fighting for survival, not experience points.

Player versus Player (PvP)

Player vs Player

Eventually you may take on a mission that brings you into contact with players who are members of a rival organization and they are in your way or you have been told to take them out. Or maybe you're tired of another shadowrunner taking all your jobs? Either way, there will come a time in which you find yourself in a hostile situation with another person as capable as you.

Forget about harmless duels and arena fights. When you take on another player in Shadowrun: Awakened, it's more than a test of skill. The continued existence of your characters are at stake. Outside of secure governmental and corporate areas, you must fend for yourself and face the consequences. Smart shadowrunners only start fights they can walk away from.



"Death is life's way of telling you you're fired." Should you overestimate your capabilities and find yourself with more holes than Swiss cheese, you'll begin to die and will need to seek out medical attention. If you fail to receive medical attention within a certain period of time or your body just can't take the abuse any more, you will die, with no chance of revival. These factors will require you to plan any combat carefully and not rush into anything unprepared if you hope to have a long "career".

While death is permanent, hedge your bets by taking out a DocWagon contract to rush you to a hospital in case you sustain serious injury. Short of that, bring friends (or hired guns) to administer magical healing, a trauma patch, or another lifesaving act and provide you with a new lease on life. If you're left for dead, you'll have to call DocWagon and negotiate an on-the-spot contract or drag your sorry butt to the nearest medical facility. Sometimes, it may be better to avoid combat entirely...